Building Jobs in Northern Queensland

Employment and Training for Construction Jobs

Interested in a career in construction? There are many civil and commercial construction projects in the region that are progressing despite the impact of COVID-19. One of the first things to consider is to understand the types of jobs and skills that are required in construction. Construction Skills Queensland is an independent, industry-funded body that invests in skilling and training members of the Queensland construction industry! CSQ makes it easier for individuals to achieve their training goals and businesses to grow and thrive. CSQ can connect you with registered training organisation’s that deliver CSQ-funded programs from short courses to full qualifications.  CSQ assists eligible apprentices and trainees to access free additional training through apprentice advance and programs. If you’re a career seeker or a career changer looking to work in Queensland’s building and construction industry, CSQ can help point you in the right direction.

Training and skilling

There are many Registered Training Providers in our region offering a broad range of training courses in construction to prepare you for working in construction.

Our training partners in this project are:

Civil Train
Civil Safety
Construction Skills Queensland
TAFE Queensland Back to Work

Employment - Hear from those in the Industry

You may want to consider registering and discussing your interest career aspirations with an employment agency.  There are many employment providers in our region.

Our employment partners in this project are:



TAFE Queensland Back to Work

Martyr Training Services


View our Video Series featuring a range of real people who work within the construction industry.  Listen as they share their personal stories about working in the Civil and Commercial Construction Industry.

Be prepared to be inspired to join this challenging industry. Our presenters will show you that you can work your way up from the bottom to a senior role, enjoying a life of varied work and work locations along the way.