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While the aviation industry is being hard hit by the impact of COVID-19, we are confident that the industry still offers economic development opportunities within our region. RDA continues to undertake desktop research into aviation industry development opportunities and will be presenting this information to stakeholders in early April 2020. For more information or to be involved, contact Project Manager, Erin Kiernan via email:


RDA initiated this project based on economic opportunities and threats. Based on global demand for pilots and aviation mechanics, aircraft and the increasing utilisation of drones, RDA could see emerging opportunities for training and supply chains. RDA also identified the threat of these shortages to regional aviation operations, such as those of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, REX Airlines and general aviation services such as charters, crop dusting and aerial mustering.

In 2019 RDA secured funding from the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning (DSDMIP) and engaged consultant, QINETIQ Pty Ltd, to produce a report addressing the development of the aviation industry in the North and North West Queensland region.

The report provides a detailed SWOT analysis for aviation industry development in North and North West Queensland including a list of opportunities that could be developed.

consultative workshops

RDA hosted consultative workshops with industry and government stakeholders in December 2019 to help determine and prioritise the aviation sector business and economic development opportunities. During this process, RDA was able to gain further insights into regional challenges and opportunities and as a result, RDA has updated the SWOT Analysis to incorporate these comments. 

You can download the adjusted SWOT analysis below.



RDA is undertaking in-house research work on the mid to higher level priorities identified in the workshops. The findings will then be shared with key stakeholders in late February 2020 to consider next steps in this project. A stakeholder meeting will be scheduled in March 2020. 

For more information please be in touch with Erin Kiernan, Project Manager on 07 4410 3655 or via email: